10 Benefits of using the WordPress Platform

WordPress is a world-famous CMS or Content Management System. With multiple professional uses, this platform also has numerous advantages. Take a look at the top 10 benefits of using the WordPress platform:

1. An Adaptive platform

WordPress was initially developed for supporting online publishing and blogging. However, it also has a wide range of facilities for websites with different requirements. While it can manage small blogposts and businesses effectively, its productiveness does not decrease for websites for large MNCs and brands. There are several themes, templates, and layouts on WordPress that adapts to dynamic trend needs easy.

2. Easy to understand

Anyone can sign up and start their website within minutes of visiting the WordPress platform. You don’t need to be a ‘technical-guru’ to use this platform, a person with basic tech knowledge can use it equally well. All you need is a web hosting account & domain name.

3. Access to a Plethora of Themes

When you use WordPress, you will be presented with a wide range of options for refining and perfecting the functions of your new website. There are many themes available for free, although you can get some premium themes from their design marketplace. You also have the liberty to change the themes through your WordPress dashboard.

4. Performance enhanced with Plugins

WordPress can get you all basics of building a custom website. However if you need some special functions then WordPress has an archive full of plugins. These plugins will enable you to add contact forms, shopping carts, galleries, and various other functions to your website. You can get these plugins from third-party sellers as well and remove/ add plugins as the website grows.

5. Mailchimp for WordPress

Whether you are looking to increase your email list, build opt-in forms, or targeting more potential customers, Mailchimp is there to meet your demands. It can also implement a checkbox for customers to subscribe to your newsletter on checkout. 

5. Better Searchability

If you want your website to rank higher on search engines like Google, then WordPress is your best shot. Sites made from WordPress tend to get a higher ranking as the website coding is easier for search engines to read. /p>

6. Mobile responsive websites

Another factor that affects search engine rankings is the website’s Mobile Responsiveness. WordPress has a lot of themes and designs for responsive web pages. You can also create a responsive site from a static one by adding plugins or by making theme file modifications.

7. Built-In Blog Facility

WordPress being CMS software is well-equipped with features that facilitate content publishing easier. One such feature is the Built-In Blog Facility; you can access this feature any time and with any device. Users of non-blogging websites can also add blogs section to their website.

8. Community Support

Since it is an open & free source, it gets support from several WordPress-fans and WordPress-lover communities from all over the world. These communities make amendments to the source files, updating WordPress, and maintaining the platform’s safety. Hosting camps and expanding outreach is also their responsibility.

9. Economical Pricing

The days when people had to pay lump-sum amounts for getting a website are long gone. Developing and designing a website with WordPress is very economical. The expenses for maintenance of the website are comparatively less as well.

10. Search Engine Optimization Ready

WordPress is the best platform to use when you need an SEO friendly website. There are multiple plugins or tools available on the software for making this easier. Customization control is in your hands, you can focus on starting SEO pages for pages with the highest conversion.

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