10 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best Platform for SEO

Started as a simple blogging tool to a leading CMS, WordPress has come a long way ever since its release in 2003. Talking with facts, it powers around 35% of websites all over the web.

For all businesses, every user seeks to build their WordPress sites to boost their revenue and marketing. Beyond its legendary user-friendliness, there is another reason why WordPress is quite ahead of the competition is- It works well for Search Engine Optimization. Here, we have compiled top 10 reasons behind why WordPress is the best platform for your SEO prospects:

1. Designed with best SEO practices

It’s great to have a website that is SEO friendly and out of the box. This is only possible when you use WordPress for your website. WordPress can give you several benefits while changing your entire SEO game, few of which are:

  • Seamless optimization of the unique meta description
  • Optimization of image alt tags in a jiffy

2. An array of the plugin library

With numerous additional features that come with WordPress, there are also several plugins that you can install to boost its SEO abilities. Such a broad range of features includes XML sitemap, in-depth breakdown of on-page optimization, the capability to edit your robots.txt files, etc.

3. Popularity

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS systems across the world and powers more than 35% of websites that utilize a CMMS on the internet. It also powers some of the notable sites such as Fortune, TIME, TED, and much more.

4. Easy mobile optimization

There is no denying how mobile devices have changed the way we browse the web. In 2019, over 64% of Google searches were performed by mobile devices. With the help of a mobile-friendly dashboard, mobile app, and responsive images, you can effortlessly manage your website right from your mobile device.

5. Security

Your website’s security is an underlying factor that can have a huge impact on SEO. Your site may get penalized if it gets hacked. But thanks to WordPress, it protects your website from all security problems. It also notifies you when and where your website needs reinforcement.

6. Social Media Integrartion

Getting a better ranking on search engines is important; however organic traffic should have the least of your concerns. Apart from Google, social media platforms provide you access to many active internet users across the world. WordPress easily integrates social media with plugins like Sumo, JetPack, etc.

7. Open Source

As WordPress follows an open-source model, any developer can design a plugin and share it with the WordPress community. Thus, the opportunities for your WordPress website are nearly endless.

8. SEO Friendly Themes

Apart from meta-descriptions and keywords, web page design is yet another key factor for yielding high results. WordPress will assist you to select an SEO friendly theme while Google will identify your pages in a breeze.

9. Speed Optimization

WordPress speed optimization ensures the best performance by using a good web host and a high-quality theme to maximize your page speed.

10. WordPress Community

WordPress community is a massive and optimum place to acquire resources and knowledge. The internet is loaded with numerous websites that can guide you about WordPress SEO like WP Beginner, Yoast Blog, and a lot more.

WordPress has grown into perfecting CMS for SEO and developing websites that rank well. If your goal is to make it to the front page of Google search results, WordPress is your best bet. To make an easy to publish content via WordPress, you must check out Firm Media – https://firm-media.com/ or even Paldesk- https://www.paldesk.com/.

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