Do you want to lock content and require your users to sign up for your newsletter to be able to read it? This gets you more email subscribers while also letting you know what content your users are interested in. In this article, we will show you how to add content locking in WordPress without annoying your users.

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0:20 Understanding content locking
1:48 Installing OptinMonster
2:09 Getting your OptinMonster API key
3:01 Creating the content locker
5:39 Placing the content blocker

In this video we will be using OptinMonster, you can use the discount above to reduce the price of your purchase. Install and activate the OptinMonster plugin and add your API to the plugin’s settings area to connect it.

Now, go to the OptinMonster site and begin creating your content locking page. We will be using an inline optin using the action theme for the campaign. Set up the campaign to be designed how you want it and in the inline settings select lock content below Campaign to be set to active.

Activate the campaign and now when you refresh your available campaigns on your WordPress site you should see this campaign available. Now you can copy the shortcode from the campaign’s settings area and paste it into the articles you want to require the email signup to view.

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