Do you want to track your user’s scrolling on your site? This data can help you see if your visitors are actually reading through your long posts and when they lose interest in the content. In this video, we will show you how to easily track user scrolling in WordPress using Google Analytics.

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For this video, we will be using MonsterInsights Plus to set up this level of scroll tracking. We will need to copy our license key from MonsterInsights to get the plugin working so don’t forget to copy that.

In your plugins area, you will want to use the Add New button to upload the file given by MonsterInsights to have the correct plugin. It will go through an installation wizard where you can paste your license key and set up settings based on the type of site you have.

We will connect the plugin to your Google Analytics to make your traffic that much more powerful. The recommended settings will be shown and you can change any that you like.

With it installed, go under the Settings, Engagement to ensure scroll tracking is enabled. This will start pulling in the scroll depth information that you can normally only see in your Google Analytics.

If you would prefer the written version of this article, feel free to take a look at our written tutorial here:

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